Upgrading my MBP Hard Drive

I am upgrading my 256 GB 5400 RPM drive to a 500 GB 7200RPM drive because I am out of space.  How do I have this much data?  I don’t even store “everything” on this drive.  I used the MY OWC Upgrade Center tool to help me find a drive that would work for my machine. For a little extra cash, I got the USB enclosure. This is great for cloning the drive and I will be able to turn my old drive into a small external USB.

Hitachi Hard Drive

So far the cloning my drive is going well.  Carbon Copy is cloning my disk while I am working on it….  mind = blown.  That rocks!!  It looks like I am getting close with 170+GB written so I am preparing to turn the machine off and do this.

Carbon Copy

Update – I am finished

I was patient and things went very smoothly.  I simply carefully followed the instructions at ifixit.com for my MacBook and now I have about 300 extra GB!

I included a few pics, but to see the real instructions look at the ifixit link.

I won’t lie, I was a little nervous when I got here.

macbook pro hard drive install

Here I have plugged in the new drive, but unplugged it again to add the bumpers that I almost forgot. So far everything is running smooth.  My programs are opening much more quickly, I have plenty of extra storage and the machine is quite a bit more snappy.

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