Tweetbacks Installed

This is pretty cool stuff and could reshape commenting on sites as we know it.  TweetBacks by Dan Zarrella searchs twitter for tweets about your url.  After collecting this data, it displays them on the page, much like comments.  This idea rocks and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

TweetBacks is still very new and in beta.  I like how quickly it runs and how easy it was to get up and going.  However, it is currently setup to run from Dan’s environment and my quick attempt to get it working in mine gave me incomplete results.  I will continue playing with this later.  I would like more control over look and feel as some styles are already defined inline, making it difficult to override them.

Overall TweetBacks is a great tool and like I said I can’t wait to see where this goes.

UPDATE: Dan just took care of the styling issue with a parameter that can be added to remove them.   I don’t feel the need to run in my environment if I have control. AWESOME!

UPDATE 2: I just painlessly switched to the TweetBacks WordPress Plugin just released.  Working great!