Theme Spectrum Launch

I am so glad to finally be launching Theme Spectrum. Here you will find clean premium WordPress themes for artists and designers. These themes have many features and options to give administrators lots of control of their web content.

Read more about it here:

Or, checkout the site and buy a theme or two:

Upgrading my MBP Hard Drive

I am upgrading my 256 GB 5400 RPM drive to a 500 GB 7200RPM drive because I am out of space.  How do I have this much data?  I don’t even store “everything” on this drive.  I used the MY OWC Upgrade Center tool to help me find a drive that would work for my machine. For a little extra cash, I got the USB enclosure. This is great for cloning the drive and I will be able to turn my old drive into a small external USB.

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Interesting new search engine, WolfRam|Alpha


Well, its not really a search engine, it is a “computational knowledge engine,”  but I will just say search engine since you are searching the knowledge base for things.  WolfRam|Alpha officially launched yesterday and it is really quite amazing.  Type in a word or query and WolfRam|Alpha spits out what it knows about it.  My first name for instance came back with information on rank, fraction of people with that name, years it was popular, the age of others with that name, etc.

But, the real power comes when you begin combining queries  to do things like math equations, stock comparisons, or sports comparisons.  I think the real value of something like this would be if they offer an API for programmers to call for real time information.  Oh, wait,  I just looked and they are doing that too!

Free DNS Report Replacement = intoDNS


I used to love when it was free and then they changed to a pay model.  I understand they probably need to make money but,

  1. I don’t use these tools enough to feel like I need to buy them
  2. I also know the price is nominal, but if I were to purchase every tool that I rarely use I would be broke

So, I was very happy to find intoDNS.  intoDNS offers that same functionality that I used to get out of when it was free.  I have tried several other free DNS tools, but I do not feel any of the others are really worth mentioning.

IE Now Behaves Properly: IE7-js

So here is a little gem that I wish I had found before now, called IE7-js.  IE7-js is a JavaScript library has been written to make Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE5, IE6, IE7 and IE8) behave like a standards compliant browser. 😀

It fixes many HTML and CSS issues and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6.

I am just getting my feet wet with this and currently working with it on a new project.  I will post an update on how the experience goes.  Thanks to Craig Quillen for showing this to me.